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All Hail The Mighty Sceptres! (2015)

LP, CD & MP3. Released 24.02.15 on Ubiquity Records. Available from:

"1960s soul in its most classic form, a classy, vintage, analogue affair. Pure song craft from beginning to end." - Paris DJs
"As much as we dug their earlier 7-inch on Ubiquity, we're pretty much floored by how much deeper this excellent full length cuts!" - Dusty Groove
"A 60s sound in a modern world. 'Sting Like A Bee' is something to behold." - WaxPoetics
"They got a great album, be on the look..." - Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez
"Trust me, this is one excellent album." - Craig Charles / BBC6 Music

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The Mighty Sceptres - Siren Call (2014)

7" single & MP3. Released 28.01.14 on Ubiquity Records. Available from:

"The duo’s sound is of the bygone era, taking cues and blending aspects of jazz, swing, and classic rhythm 'n' blues music." - Sound Colour Vibration
"Sounds straight out of the 60s." - WaxPoetics

Frootful - Heavyweight (2013)

LP, CD & MP3. Released 30.09.13 on Freestyle Records. Available from:

"Another heavyweight release, I'm a fan!" - Nick Record Kicks
"Very nice!" - Pete Isaac / Jelly Jazz
"Get back to where rhythm belongs! Frootful cook for us rhythm 'n' blues, northern soul, raw funk and boogaloo, bringing to the table a delicious album to move us all time long!" - Chris Ex / Up'n'Loud Radio / Soul magazine

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Frootful - Colours (2011)

LP, CD & MP3. Released 21.03.11 on Freestyle Records. Available from:

"A varied display of styles from early-60’s R&B soul, to be-bop, to funk, to 60’s soul-jazz, and even a bit of skinhead reggae. Sounds both authentic AND contemporary. A fantastic project." - Snowboy / Blues&Soul
"Sounds fantastic... a superb contribution." - John Kennedy / XFM
"A choice slice of dancefloor mod soul." Jason Villani / WESU 88.1 FM

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A guest mix of original soul 45s for Oonops Drops on Brooklyn Radio (from 55:10).


  • Dee Clark – Hot Potato
  • The Invitations – Hallelujah
  • The Kingpins – In The Pocket
  • Soul Brothers Six – You Better Check Yourself
  • Carmen Taylor – You’re Putting Me On
  • The Five Keys – Me Make Um Pow Wow
  • Earl Wright – On The Road To Ruins (part II)
  • The Vibrations – Pick Me
  • Jackie Day – Before It’s Too Late
  • Jerry O – Funky Charge
  • Olympics – Looking For A love
  • Jackie Wilson – Do It The Right Way
  • Ted Taylor – Help The Bear
  • Jimmy (Soul) Clark – Do It Right Now
  • Tyrone Davis – Is It Something You’ve Got
  • The Third Guitar – Lovin’ Lies
  • Darrell Banks – The Love Of My Woman
  • The Delacardos – Got No One
  • Meditation Singers – Stand Up And Be Counted
  • The Impressions – Sometimes I Wonder
  • Glen Watts – Money Gives Dignity
Photo by Matt Travis

Photo by Matt Travis